Hair Care & Dementia Review

So it was back to business after the launch, and it’s all been full on and crazy busy. We filmed a video shampoo review for a company called Dignity LC Services they have this fantastic Waterless Shampoo, and I say fantastic, because it really is!

Working as a specialist hairdresser for clients with physical and mental health limitations, occasionally means I need to use an alternative method of shampooing a clients hair. I have tried out a variety of alternative shampoos over the years, and yes, they do the job and make a great substitute, but I never feel fully satisfied when I have finished the clients hair. But that’s me being a hairdresser and admit I’m a little fussy and always use high end products. Some of these alternative dry or liquid shampoos are better than nothing, but they can still make the hair feel and look limp, dull, sticky or dry.

So I was slightly sceptical when the parcel arrived from Dignity containing their foam based waterless shampoo, nevertheless I was excited to try it out. The next thing I needed to do was find the perfect model, and get the video and photography organised. My son Edward was back from University for Easter, so I roped him in again with his artistic skills to help with the video filming. No one really prepares you for the amount of work this involves, but to be honest, I love it and it’s such a fun thing to do.



As soon as I pumped Dignity’s Waterless Shampoo foam from the dispenser, I instantly loved the smell.The foam was then applied thoroughly to my models dry head of hair, massaged and combed through. This product is rinse-free and no water is required at any point during the application. The hair was then blow-dried and styled to finish. I could tell immediately that the hair would benefit from this waterless shampoo. It left the hair beautifully soft and full of body, with no residue. It really did look great.

The day after the video shoot, I called in on my model to check on her hair, and examine the effects of the shampoo after 24 hours. I was really impressed to find the hair still looked great. My client was over the moon with her hair.

"If my client is happy, then her hairdresser is happy!"

Dignity’s Waterless shampoo is reasonably priced at £4.99 and is a great substitute for those one off occasions, especially for clients who are unable to wash their own hair due to health circumstances or are bed-bound and need a little help to maintain well-being. This shampoo is paraben free, and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. I can honestly say, that this waterless shampoo is by far one of the best I have tried, and I would definitely use it again.


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Our Waterless Shampoo was independently and reviewed by Hair, Care and Dementia. This was an unpaid partnership.