When Tania Talks - Review of Dignity Waterless Shampoo

Personal hygiene has always been something high on my priority list. I was brought up on the belief that getting showered and dressed would make you feel better. In many ways this is true.

For me, having a shower puts me in the right frame of mind to take on the day. But, since becoming chronically ill at the age of 11, I’ve had to accept that sometimes it just isn’t possible to shower and that’s ok. To be completely honest, Pregnancy has also made doing simple things more difficult for me, and recently there have been times when just cleaning my teeth was an achievement! Despite my limitations, I still like to feel fresh. I’m not the biggest fan of dry shampoo. I’ve only found one that I really like. So when I came across the Dignity Waterless Shampoo, I got REALLY EXCITED!

With several chronic illnesses, I’m all for making life easier for myself. And I know this is going to be even more important when I’ve got a baby to look after!

When I had curly hair (a nice side effect of Sodium Valproate!), I was able to only wash my hair every three days. Since stopping my medication to try for a baby, my hair has reverted to it’s natural straightish-with-a-kink. Unfortunately in it’s straighter form, my hair needs washing every other day to look half decent. There are certain personal care activities that I can forego, for example shaving during the colder months. But, not keeping my hair clean is something that makes me feel gross and has a  negative effect on my mood.

As I’ve already said, I’m not a big fan of dry shampoo. I like the BIG SEXY HAIR DRY SHAMPOO, but it only gains me an extra day before my hair has to be washed. I also had the issue that I could only use so much product before the aerosol caused me problems with my ASTHMA. The Dignity waterless shampoo is a fantastic idea and something that I can see me really benefitting from – no more having to shower to get clean hair!

With my POTS, showering has been particularly difficult. Lifting my arms to head level adds to my dizziness and can make me breathless very quickly. Add in the warmth of the water and this isn’t a good situation to be in. The Dignity Waterless Shampoo would allow me to spend the minimum amount of time possible with my hands at my head. It would remove the difficulties shower temperature causes me. I could also use it semi reclined, to reduce my PoTS symptoms still further.

To use the Digital Waterless Shampoo, simply pump out the foam from the dispenser, apply the foam to dry hair and massage in until the hair is wet. Then, towel dry and comb hair through – done! Style as normal.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to try the Dignity Waterless Shampoo, because it contains citric acid, an ingredients that causes me problems with my eczema. While it doesn’t cater for my own allergies, the ingredients have been carefully considered. The shampoo has been developed to be sulphate free for those with sensitive skin. It’s a product that is going to benefit so many people and the concept really excited me. While I can’t use the Dignity Waterless Shampoo myself, I’ve passed it on to a family member who has a water sensitivity as a result of their multiple sclerosis. I know they’re going to find it extremely helpful!

As well as being a great option for chronically ill and disabled people, the Dignity Waterless Shampoo is ideal for those going into hospital, new parents and travellers. Any time you might not have access to water or have very limited time available and want to stay feeling fresh.

For ease of travel, the Dignity Waterless Shampoo comes in 60ml pump bottles, which provide 4-6 applications. This makes the bottle light weight – perfect for those who can’t hold heavy objects and for packing in a hospital or holiday bag.

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