@TheAutismMammy - My Dignity Waterless Shampoo & Body Wash Review

Written by @TheAutismMammy
Firstly, hello!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Amber. I am a mum to a beautiful little girl, Leah. Leah is three years old and has autism.

The reason Autism Spectrum Disorder is known as a ‘spectrum’ is because it can manifest differently for each child and can affect everyone differently. One of Leah’s main daily struggles is her sensory issues. Sensory issues are extremely common in children and adults with autism. Those who have sensory issues may have aversions to anything that triggers the senses, for example: light, sound, taste, smell or touch.
Due to Leah’s sensory issues, she absolutely hates getting her hair wet. In turn, this makes hair washing very stressful for her. So, when Dignity Services reached out to me and asked if we would like to try out their waterless shampoo & body wash, I was very interested to give it a go.
The products themselves are a lovely foam texture. One thing I was eager to review was the scent. Due to Leah’s sensory issues, it is very important that products don’t have an overwhelming, perfumed scent. I was very happy that both products had an extremely subtle, yet fresh scent.

To use the shampoo, I pumped out a generous amount onto my hands and massaged it into Leah’s hair. I done this while Leah was happy and distracted playing at the bathroom sink (because every autism parent can relate – distraction is key!). After I worked the product into Leah’s hair, I then gave it a good brush. Once brushed through, I simply gave her hair a quick towel dry. And voilà, clean and fresh hair! The surfactant cleansers in the shampoo work to release dirt and oil. The additional action of brushing and towel drying the hair removes the product and any dirt or oil from the hair. There was also no sticky, unpleasant
residue left behind once Leah’s hair had dried fully, which I was very happy to see.
The Dignity waterless body wash works the same way – simply apply the foam to the skin and massage, and towel off. This will remove any dirt, sweat and odours.
The products are paraben and sulphate free, as well as pH balanced which is reassuring as a parent who avoids harsh chemicals on Leah’s skin and hair. I gave the waterless body wash a go myself to test it out and was pleasantly surprised!
Again, it was a lovely subtle and fresh scent. It didn’t aggravate my eczema or irritate my sensitive skin, which again I was delighted with.
Leah’s main sensory issue is getting her hair wet, so the waterless shampoo is a life saver for us to use, especially in between proper hair washes. I know so many parents whose children have sensory issues with water on their bodies also, so I know the waterless body wash would be of great use to so many children with autism.
I really was thoroughly impressed with these products, and I know that the waterless shampoo in particular will be of great use to us in the future. I can see so many uses to the products also, including for those with limited mobility, chronic illnesses and those who are bed bound. Also, they would be fabulous products to take on the go and for outdoor adventures.
Mainly though, I was impressed with the value of these products for children and adults with autism who may have sensory issues. I think the name ‘Dignity’ is so fitting for these products. After all, every single person deserves the dignity to be clean.
Thanks to Dignity Services for asking me to try out these products, and letting me share their benefit with you all.
Amber x