Multi-tasking Special Needs Mum

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How does a typical day look like for a multi-tasking special needs mum? What does your day look like? I am one of those people who constantly have a running list of to-dos and to-find-outs and anything that simplifies matters for me is always gratefully received. That’s why I was so happy when Dignity Services LLC contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their waterless shampoo and body wash. Let me think about that for one second… Poor accessibility for Elin into my bathroom, numerous hospital stays and cleaning needs when out and about. Yes please, I really want to try this!

So far I’ve only used it at home but we do have a big hospital stay, minimum two weeks, coming up, and it has already been added on my packing list. It smells fresh and leaves Elin feeling cleaner and more hygienic at days when she isn’t so dirty a bath is unavoidable, but she could do with freshening up a bit. If you want to try it for yourself, go to and use code ELIN15 for 15% discount.

And for a deeper insight into my life as a multi-tasking special needs mum, take a look below.