Bathroom Testimonials


Charlie Harrison, Dementia Carer

Project Title: Accessible Bathroom Installation 



"Dignity delivered a highly professional service from initial contact to project completion. The team were always courteous and respect to the client's property and maintained very strong communication throughout. "

Mr Ashby, Hertfordshire

Project Title: Walk-in-shower Design and Installation



“I am very impressed with Dignity’s work, and the consideration they afforded to my aged father. You did an excellent job and at a very fair price”


Ian, Hertfordshire

Adjustpan Domestic User



"I feel much more confident using the Adjustpan at home. The Toilet Riser is hardly visible, and alot neater. that my old toilet frame. It's clear from the design that Dignity put thought into the user"

Waterless Shampoo Reviews




I liked the Waterless Shampoo, it saved me from leaning my back and neck over the shower to wash. The fact it's foam based meant I could use it whilst sitting in my chair. My hair felt clean and refreshed for 5 days after applying the product. I would recommend the product to someone who found showering difficult.


Suffers with hip pain 




Thank god for Dignity's Waterless Shampoo. I struggle getting in and out the shower, so this product is very convenient. Showering is manageable but takes a lot of time and energy. Dignity's Waterless Shampoo is very quick and easy to use, and made my hair feel fresh and clean!


Arthritis in Hips, Knees and Ankles




The Waterless Shampoo smelt really nice and it was very easy to use. I could sit and use it instead of bending over the bath as I normally do. My hair felt soft and refreshed after use.  I think it's a good product and a great idea. 


Neck and Back Injury

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