Setting up a Subscription Plan with us

What does this mean?


You will be subscribing to purchase goods from us periodically. You will automatically be charged for the goods and have the goods delivered to you. 

By subscribing to one of our Subscription Plans you are setting up an arrangement to purchase goods from us periodically. 

The period will depend on the plan that you sign up to. 

You can cancel your plan at any time. 

Terms and Conditions




Your credit or debit card will be charged periodically according the plan you have selected. 


You will be charged periodically on the date of your subscription. For example: Date of Subscription is 30th July, you will be charged periodically on the 30th. 


No goods will be despatched until payment has been received. 


Title of goods does not pass until payment has been received. 


Cancelling or amend a subscription


  • Log in to your Dignity Account at the following link:

  • On the top horizontal menu select “Subscriptions”.

  • Under the Subnavigation menu, select the “ID” of the plan you wish to amend or cancel

  • A dropdown will appear. To cancel your subscription, select “Cancel”, then press “OK”. To Skip your subscription for a month, select “Skip a Month”, then press “OK”. 


Your Account will be deactivated immediately upon cancellation.


You agree that termination or cancellation will not relieve you of any obligation to pay any accrued charges, unless otherwise stated above. You shall be charged the full amount of the fee for the month in which our Services were terminated. You agree to pay any outstanding balance in full within thirty (30) days of cancellation or termination of the Services.


Upon termination of your Account for any reason, we will return or delete any personal information regarding your Account at your request and choice.

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