Rollz Motion 2 - All In One Rollator & Wheelchair


Available in Black and Island Blue

  • Stability - walking upright, steadily and supported between the ergonomic hand grips that are adjustable in height
  • Safe & Easy - innovative drum brakes for safe and balanced braking, cross doorsteps and curbs easily with the threshold aid
  • Manoeuvrable - light steering and easy motion with the manoeuvrable front wheels
  • Comfortable & Convenient - comfortable ride and natural suspension thanks to the foam-filled rear tyres, resting on a comfortable cushioned seat
  • Compact - the Rollz Motion is easily foldable into a compact package


The 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair.

Going out and about without a care in the world with the Rollz Motion2 rollator. Walking with the rollator or sitting in the wheelchair, enjoying a lovely day in a city. You can go strolling through the old town, resting in the wheelchair while enjoying the lush park, and then walking again to that nice restaurant to end this interesting and inspiring day.


With a flick of the wrist you can easily transform the Rollz Motion rollator into a wheelchair and back again. Walk steadily, upright and comfortably, and rest along the way in the wheelchair if you feel like it.


1. Click the Rollz wheelchair package onto the Rollz Motion before you leave the house.
2. Pull the backrest into position in one flowing motion.
3. Turn the handles from the rollator position into the push position, and adjust them to the right height for the person who's going to push.
4. Then click the footrests into place at the front.
5. And continue your journey in comfort and style.



  • Length: 63cm
  • Width: 65.5cm
  • Height: 82 - 95cm
  • Folded Length: 63cm
  • Folded Width: 29cm
  • Folded Height: 85-95cm
  • Seat Height: 50cm
  • Seat Width: 45cm
  • Seat Depth: 42cm
  • Recommended User Height: 155cm - 185cm
  • Rear Wheel Size: 30cm
  • Front Wheel Size: 20cm
  • Weight: 10.7kg
  • Maximum Load for Shopping Bag: 10kg
  • Maximum Load for Rollator: 125kg (19 stone)

Registered in England : 09181123

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