Luxury Handmade Hand Sanitising Station

Luxury Handmade Hand Sanitising Station



  • Waterless Hand Wash 150ml
  • 80% Hand Sanitising Spray 250ml
  • Hand Moisturiser 250ml
  • Clip Top Jar with pack of 25 tissues
  • Handmade solid oak display unit
  • Finished in fire rated clear lacquer


This luxury handmade peice is designed for receptions, hotels, office desks, bathrooms, car showrooms and other public places where a hand sanitising is necessary. 


*All products displayed in the image are included*

Once used you can repurchase of the products again from our online store


Handmade solid oak display unit

  • Made from English Oak 
  • Handcrafted with 4 circular holes to hold sanisting and hygiene products. 


Waterless "No Rinse" Handwash 150ml

Combining the power of a traditional hand wash with the convenience of a hand sanitiser. Our high-quality formulation cleans away dirt, oil, and germs from the hands without the need for water, leaving hands fresh and clean.  


  • With nourishing Aloe Vera and Wheat Protein to protect and moisturise skin. 


Our Waterless Hand Wash is designed for use in areas where clean water is not readily available. It quickly removes dirt and grime – no rinsing is required. How to use  - Simply rub on hands and wipe dry with a clean towel or cloth.


Hand Moisturiser 250ml

High quality hand moisturiser. Designed to nourish and protect dry and chapped hands from alcohol use.


80% Hand Sanitising Spray 250ml

Keep your hands clean with our 80% alchool based Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray

  • 80% alcohol
  • Kills bacterial and viruses
  • Cleans, moisturse and protect

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