Adjustpan Height & Width Adjustable Handrail

Adjustpan Height & Width Adjustable Handrail


Adjustpan Height & Width Adjustable Handrails

  • Flat or Tilted Options 
  • Blue, Red or White Arm Rests
  • Height & Width Adjustable Options Available
  • Base Feet for added stability

  • Locking pins for easy re-adjustments


Height Adjustable Handrails

If a user requires a handrail for facilitation during toilet use, the correct height and position are essential to provide health assistance to the user. There are significant health implications associated with the incorrect handrail height and position. Low handrails provide no support during the end phase of the sit-to-stand movement. This creates a shift in center gravity which increases the risk of a fall due to balance loss.

Current research has found that the height and position of a handrail effects joint movements and the central gravitational shift, suggesting handrail position and height should be selected to match the status and condition of each individual.


Dementia Patients

Dementia sufferers tend to experience a cognitive decline with vision, making objects difficult to observe and interact with. Research* and experts have highlighted that blue and red are the most easily perceived colour by a Dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferer. The Adjustpan’s red and blue foam armrests mean a Dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferer finds it easier to distinguish the

toilet area from the surrounding area.


Key Benefits of Red and Blue Armrests

  • High contrast for added visibility

  • Prevent bathroom falls and slips.



Handrail Style
Arm Rest Colour

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