Personal Hygiene for Sensory Issues

If your child struggles with personal hygiene due to sensory issues we have some great products and FREE resources to make personal hygiene a stress free part of daily living.

"It's not very often I find a business that has considered sensory issues and tried to resolve some of the real issues people have with them. Well done Dignity"

"Dignity's Waterless Shampoo changed mine and my son's life"

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Waterless Shampoo

Suitable for adults and children

Suitable for long and short-term use


Quick, easy and mess free application

Fresh, clean hair for up to 3 days.



Simply massage into hair and towel dry to remove oil, dirt and perspiration.


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Customer Reviews 


Waterless Shampoo Review Article

"I want to introduce you all to a miracle in a bottle – Dignity waterless (yes waterless) shampoo... 

There was no shampoo in her eyes. There was no water in her ears. There was no wrestling with a towel. It was so much easier, much less distressing for Isla and I didn’t break a sweat. The whole hair washing routine is also made simple because there’s no need for water. 

Sensory Bundle Review Article 

"Would I recommend these products? Yes, yes, yes! I've already recommended the Waterless Shampoo and I'd definitely recommend the unflavoured toothpaste...

...Well done Dignity! It's not very often I find a business that has considered sensory issues and tried to resolve some of the real issues people have with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what other products you come up with"

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