Waterless Shampoo

When showering or bathing is impractical, impossible or difficult.

Remove oil, dirt, sweat and perspiration

Quick, easy and mess free application

Reduce care time and resources

Suitable for adults and children

Suitable for long term use

pH Balanced, with Keratin. Sulphate and paraben FREE.


of users agreed they would recommend our Waterless Shampoo to someone who found traditional shampooing difficult or impossible.

Waterless Shampoo


When washing your hair is impossible or a struggle due to limited mobility, injury or illness our waterless, no rinse shampoo is the perfect solution. Save care time with one easy application that rinses and foams away dirt, oil and perspiration.



If an individual has difficulty reaching their hair and requires assistance to wash, our Waterless Shampoo is a quick and easy to use solution. As this is a rinse-free product, no water is required at any point, removing the need for bathing, dramatically reducing care time and resources.

Simply massage foam into hair for approximately 2 minutes and towel dry. 


  • Suitable for children

  • Hygienic and clean smell, to leave the user feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Dermatologically tested. 

  • PH Balanced - High-quality formulation

  • With Keratin - hair conditioning agent to nourish hair and cuticles. 

  • No water or basin needed

  • No sticky residue left behind

  • Reduce care time and resources

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Waterless Shampoo Video Review

Watch the quick, easy and mess free application in our Waterless Shampoo Review Video. 

Our Waterless Shampoo was independently and reviewed by Hair, Care and Dementia.

This was an unpaid partnership.

Video Credits: Dan Woodger www.danwoodger.com, and Edward Woodger





I liked the Waterless Shampoo, it saved me from leaning my back and neck over the shower to wash. The fact it's foam based meant I could use it whilst sitting in my chair. My hair felt clean and refreshed for 5 days after applying the product. I would recommend the product to someone who found showering difficult.


Neck and Back Injury




Thank god for Dignity's Waterless Shampoo. I struggle getting in and out the shower, so this product is very convenient. Showering is manageable but takes a lot of time and energy. Dignity's Waterless Shampoo is very quick and easy to use, and made my hair feel fresh and clean!


Suffers with hip pain 




The Waterless Shampoo smelt really nice and it was very easy to use. I could sit and use it instead of bending over the bath as I normally do. My hair felt soft and refreshed after use.  I think it's a good product and a great idea. 


Arthritis in Hips, Knees and Ankles

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Waterless Shampoo FAQs


Is this the same as dry shampoo?


No - Dry Shampoo does not actually wash your hair. Dry shampoo typically comes in a powder form which is applied to the scalp and hair to mask excess oil and sweat between washes. Our Waterless Shampoo works to actually remove oil, dirt and perspiration from the hair and scalp.


How do I use the product?


Simply massage the foam into the hair and scalp. Comb or brush through hair, then towel dry. Hair can then be styled as usual (this includes using a hairdryer).


How does the Waterless Shampoo works?


When this foam-based product is massaged into the hair and scalp it works to release oil, dirt, and perspiration. The action of towel drying and combing the hair following application removes the oil, grease, and dirt. 


How long can I use the Waterless Shampoo for?


Containing both cleaning and conditioning agents, the product has been designed and formulated for long-term use.

How many washes does a 60ml bottle offer?


It varies dependent on each users hair thickness and length. Typically each 60ml bottle offers 4 - 6 shampoos based on shoulder length hair. 


Additional Information


Our Waterless Shampoo:

  • is Paraben FREE

  • leaves no residue or stickiness. 

  • recyclable packaging


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