Sensory Bundle

Sensory Bundle

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If you or your child finds personal hygiene difficult or disstressing due to sensory issues or special needs, this Starter Pack has everything to help encourage a quick, easy, stress free and independent personal hygiene routine for your child. 


Waterless Body Wash 150ml x 2

Waterless Shampoo 150ml x 1

OraNurse Unflavoured Toothpaste Original x 1

OraNurse Super Soft Toothbrush x 1

Cleaning Teeth Visual Schedule x 2

Washing My Hair Visual Schedule x 2 

Personal Hygiene Sensory Guide - 8 Information / Advice Sheets in Pack

  • Great for children who dislike bathtime, washing their hair or cleaning their teeth.
  • Child friendly visual schedules designed by our in-house psychology professionals.
  • Advice booklet/ guide for parents.