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We know that dignity is an inherent value and feeling that contributes to our wellbeing. Therefore we believe that everybody’s dignity should be maintained regardless of age, weight, illness, or disability. 


We believe that this begins in the bathroom and is related to our ability to perform our most basic personal and daily living tasks with confidence and independence. Our confidence relating to performing these tasks impacts our confidence levels across every other aspect of our lives. We therefore, focus all our energy on providing solutions to enable independent personal care and daily living possible, for as long as possible. 


In everything we do, we aim to make this possible by providing unique solutions that enable confident, independent and healthy living. 

Why we do what we do

How Dignity was founded

Darren Prior a carpenter by trade had run his own building business for 30 years. During this time he installed many accessible bathrooms. 


He was asked on regular occasions to construct a plinth to be fitted underneath the toilet, instead of fitting over the toilet equipment. During consultations, the Client made clear their insistence on avoiding toilet facilitation equipment that was placed above the toilet. The common problems clients identified was the instability, the discomfort, the appearance of these products, how this negatively affected the aesthetics of the bathroom and how these issues combined negatively affect an individual’s wellbeing.


For many projects, Darren hand-made wooden plinths and secured these between the floor and toilet. Client’s would request ‘a little higher’ or ‘perhaps a little lower’. A need for a user optimised solution, that addressed these problems was evident. 


In 2007, the idea for the Dignity and the Adjustpan Toilet as a separate business was born. 

What we do

Accessible Bathrooms

The Adjustpan, height adjustable toilet riser, is our first innovation and patented product that provides user optimum toilet facilitation for maximum independence. The unique design provides a discreet, safe and hygienic solution to maintain confidence and wellbeing. 

When washing your hair is impossible or a struggle due to limited mobility, injury or illness our waterless, no rinse shampoo is the perfect solution. 

Save care time with the easy application that rinses and foams away grime, oil, perspriation and sweat.

Dignity supply and install wetrooms, walk-in-showers and walk-in-baths in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Essex, to enable maximum independence at home.

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